List of the specimens of the Vanuatu National Herbarium (PVNH)

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This dataset contains all the occurences data of this national database. Since the 1970's, Vanuatu managed a national herbarium. All the plants collection made in the country have to be stored in this herbarium. In 2012, the specimens have been registered in a local database, except the fungi and mosses collection.

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Occurrence; Specimen; Herbarium; plantae; vascular plants; occurrence; Vanuatu; New Hebrides


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Chanel SAM
The department of the Forests PMB 9064 Port-Vila VU

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Chanel SAM
The department of the Forests PMB 9064 Port-Vila VU
Frazer ALO
The department of the Forests PMB 9064 Port-Vila VU
Laurence RAMON
The department of the Forests PMB 9064 Port-Vila VU

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Philémon ALA
Curator assistant
The department of the Forests PMB 9064 Port-Vila VU

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Географический охват


Ограничивающие координаты Юг Запад [-19.973, 164.883], Север Восток [-12.211, 173.145]

Таксономический охват

Vascular plants

Kingdom  Plantae

Временной охват

Дата начала / Дата окончания 1970-01-01 / 2017-01-01

Данные проекта

In 1774, during the second voyage of Captain Cook, the first plant specimens of the New Hebrides were collected. Despite numerous expeditions during 250 years, Vanuatu has neither Flora nor taxonomic checklist. Only 70 plant species –out of about 1400 - are already listed by the IUCN. Plants or animals biodiversity data, on protected areas or on invasive species, are scattered and difficult to mobilize. Vanuatu is a country with a small population and has to collaborate with specialists from all around the world to study its biodiversity. Gathering biodiversity data at national level is strongly important: this is the only way to make them available for environmental policies. Currently, national structures wish to organize then to share some biodiversity data. VaBiDa project concerns organization and sharing of mainly three kind of data: specimen data from herbarium, invasive species data, already organized and partially stored in dedicated databases needing improvement, and data on protected areas. This project will also mobilize biodiversity data for IUCN status conservation assessments. Seven partners are engaged together in VaBiDA: 2 governmental agencies (the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation (DEPC) and the Department of Forestry (DoF)), 3 of their partners already implied on these issues (NYBG from USA, UMR AMAP (IRD, CIRAD) from France and a consultant Laurence Ramon) and 2 new partners (GBIF France and Endemia -New Caledonia). Others local partners involved in biodiversity and conservation – governmental agencies or NGO- will participate to VaBiDa through meetings and trainings, especially for mobilizing new Vanuatu biodiversity data.

Название VaBiDa: Gathering, sharing and mobilizing biodiversity data in Vanuatu
Идентификатор BID-PA2016-0001-NAC
Финансирование Funded By European Union GBIF Co Funded By Department of Forests (DoF) – Vanuatu

Исполнители проекта:

Chanel SAM

Данные коллекции

Название коллекции Vanuatu Nationa Herbarium (PVNH)
Идентификатор коллекции PVNH
Методы сохранения образцов Dried and pressed

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Альтернативные идентификаторы 7c518f3a-4a12-48e5-8b81-589c94cca973