Sphaeriid clams

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14 December 2018
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This dataset is the databased part of Sphaeriidae molluscs from the malacological collections of the Musée des Confluences (Lyon). It comprises 867 lots (19,310 individuals) belonging to the collections Mouthon, Terver, Michaud, Coutagne, Sayn, Martin Abbot, Bourguignat, etc. The complete collection of molluscs includes more than 500,000 specimens. Most specimens have been identified by Jacques Mouthon.

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Occurrence; Specimen; fingernail clams; mollusca; bivalvia; musée des Confluences


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Geographic Coverage

Europe, America, Africa

Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, 180]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1843-01-01 / 2017-01-01

Bibliographic Citations

  1. Mouthon, J., Forcellini M. & Van Haaren T., 2018. Euglesa compressa (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae), native of North America, a "hidden" species introduced in Western Europe before 1940. Basteria, 82(1-3): 50-54.
  2. Mouthon, J., 2017. Reconnaître Euglesia (Cyclocalyx) compressa Prime, 1852, une nouvelle espèce pour la faune de France. Folia Conchyliologica, 38 : 3-8.

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Alternative Identifiers 49ff3f7f-732e-4d23-8af0-ba79ed8dacb5