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Clémence Lortet (née: Richard) (1772-1835) was a French botanist, who co-founded the Linnean Society of Lyon in 1822. Clémence was the grandmother of Louis Lortet who was the renown director for the Lyon Museum of Natural History, from 1870 to 1909. The herbarium of the Lyon area, known as "herbier de la région lyonnaise," is stored in the Centre Louis Lortet. It contains 2,500 sheets including some exsiccata of Roffavier, such as mosses and lichenes. It was donated by her family in 1929, and later in 2009 her descendants would donate the manuscript catalogue of the herbarium. The herbarium provides valuable insight on the flora in Lyon around 1805-1825, before the urban developments. Part of the specimens corresponds to the data published in the Gilibert's "Calendrier de Flore," and to their "Promenades botaniques" (including 16 excursions around Lyon), re-published recently. Balbis has revised and annoted the Lortet's herbarium and used it extensively for his "Flore lyonnaise".

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plants; algae; ferns; mosses; lichenes; mushrooms; Spermatophyta; Coniferophyta; Pteridophyta; Bryophyta; Marchantiophyta; Anthocerotophyta; Lycopodiophyta; Ascomycota; Basidiomycota; Mycetozoa; Cyanophyta; Charophyta; Chlorophyta; Ochrophyta; Rhodophyta; Cyanobacteria


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Geographic Coverage

France, mainly Lyon area ; Helvetia, Germany, Italy (Piemonte)

Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, 180]

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1803-01-01 / 1859-06-12

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