Fish biodiversity inventories of the port of Calvi, L'Île-Rousse, Saint-Florent and STARESO, Corsica (France) using citizen science eDNA techniques in 2022

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16 February 2024
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This dataset contains fish occurrences in Mediterranean ports from an eDNA citizen science study using specially-designed citizen science eDNA kits as part of the EMFF-funded project QUAMPO (Grant agreement number: PFEA800219DM0940001) on port water quality. In total, 452 occurrences were recorded, in 4 ports of Haute-Corse (France): port of Calvi, port of L'Île-Rousse, port of Saint-Florent and at the marine station STARESO in Calvi. Citizen (pupils in 5th grade at 2 local schools) took part in the June sampling in the port of L'Île-Rousse. Among these occurrences, 422 were identified at the species-level and 30 at the genus-level. These fish inventory represented 63 species and 9 genuses. Originally, one sampling occasion for each port was foreseen in June 2022. However, we added a second sampling occasion in October 2022 to describe fish communities in ports after the storm that hit Corsica on August, 18 2022. This project is the first project using eDNA and citizen science in ports to study fish biodiversity. (2024-01-29)

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Occurrence; Mediterranean Sea; eDNA; Fish; Biodiversity; Ports; Marina; Alien Species; Citizen Sciences; Participatory Sciences; Storm


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